Looking for something to do

I finally got the Dev Environment set up (Please do not ask me how, I have no idea how I got it running.) and I messed around with the files, I now have an idea of how to utilize some debug stuff. What I need now is some way to help the website because I am bored with messing around. Currently, heres my abilities for all catagories of helping the website. If anyone wants me to do something, tell me specifically and I will work on that immediatley.

Archmage: Just Started, not too good, but I can do a few things like change settings within certain files, I need some tasks to help me improve my coding skills.

Artisan: I have not used the Level or Thang Editor yet, i’ll see how it works, but I can definetly plan out new levels and items with some sketching and balancing. For levels, I need some concepts, but for items, i’d come up with stuff on the fly. (I also have ideas on how to improve many aspects of the site and content.)

Adventurer: For giving info on levels, I can provide full info on my playthroughs, I even got to test some beta levels when I was messing with code.

Scribe: I could write documentation on levels, items and such. My grammer is not very good, but it never hurts for anyone to proof-read.

Diplomat: Nah I only have Google Translate.

Ambassador: I can absolutley help anyone within some scenarios, though please note I have not gotten that far into the game to help everyone, but if you need help, just post here what you need help with.

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Dude, it’s happy you got nothing to do, and you can ask Chaboi for something to do.

Once you do figure out how it works, please tell, because I’m so confused on how to make anything there


You could use Grammarly and it would tell you what to correct as long as you have the base text


The level editor link: CodeCombat - Coding games to learn Python and JavaScript
How to use it: CodeCombat Level Editor Screencast - Mirage Maker on Vimeo

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Hey here’s a question, what is the Thang Editor for? Because I want to experiment with thangs, but I can’t find any info on it.

You can edite items, but i am not sure if it works

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You can only experiment with thangs if you’re a dev I’m pretty sure, because it reflects on the actual campaign

No, you can’t lol

Yes, you can but just doesn’t work

I can’t use normal vimeo links, any chance you could give me the embed link so that I can use that?

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How do i get that?

Quite sure there will be a button for it, and the link will start with “https://player.vimeo.com