Playing the level in level Editor

Help! When I press play game in level Editor it says you need programmable Thangs. How do you get those?

You need to put a hero placeholder. Please take time to read this before asking for help

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What do you mean by go to specific articles?
And where is a brawler?
Also, whenever I try to play the game, it takes me to my home page on codecombat; so how do I make it let me play?

It’s in the settings bar

The list of useable thangs in the right

It should work. Unless you are a student

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I’m a Student…
how would I play it?

@maka, can you access the level editor and play the level you made when you’re a student?

Hi –

No. We block students from accessing /play levels. If you want to play it, you’ll have to use another account.

Is your class over? I could convert you to a non-student if so. You can direct message your username to me and I’ll look into it. Don’t share your username here in public.


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