Thanks a lot to the creator of Yak Rampage!

Although I made the level, I wouldn’t have managed to have done it unless it was for @nick’s feedback on balance and helping do the achievement configuration.


Thank you @nick for helping create Yak Rampage it was a great game and I enjoyed playing it


The idea with regeneration was great!Because on levels like ‘Summit’s gate’ it was very hard to pass them as my hero didn’t regenerate health.


it is good for Cloudrip brawl also

@milton.jinich, can you send me a link to the level, so I can check it out?

okay are you a subscriber since you have to be a sub scriber to play this level if you are here is the link Play Yak Rampage and Unlock the Legendary Tauran Set!

Sorry, I meant Cloudrip brawl)))

okay here is the link


Thanks a lot, @milton.jinich!

okay my name in codecombat is Moy#1 I am on the leader boards if you need guidance just click watch to learn strategies

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Ok, I’ll take a look tomorrow!

you just go to scores go to all time and click me since I use free hero’s just to show that everyone can do it


Wow, @milton.jinich, that was cool!There was THREE warlocks, but you survived.

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yeah I know cool you just have to go to that corner

I’m checking out your solution now.With Thaurin armor)))

do you have it @Anonym it comes in handy

It works perfect!Though I will be able to finish it after an hour only.

Thaurin armor works also perfectly!

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okay good luck @Anonym

Thanks @milton.jinich!