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The Agrippa Defense (solved)


Hello everybody. I need help with the level “The Agrippa Defense”. From my understanding (reading several other forum posts) this level is much too advanced for where it is placed. I also have tried every single string of code that people have said work for the level. None of them work for me. Whenever I press run, the code doesn’t read anything past the first line that says “loop:”. Also the hero just stands on the starting point and is killed by the ogres. Can someone please help me?

~A Novice Coder



Please help me.


Please post your code surrounded by backticks ( ` ) so we can debug any errors together.



I already figured it out. I had a weird error where none of my code would be read. I gave up and tried the exact same code the next day and it worked, so I don’t really know what changed. Do you still want my code I used?