The Badminton Topic

Lets just say, both.

I’m playing badminton today so maybe i’ll record my game play

With or without the bag on ur head? (Or just wear a face mask I mean they were fine during the 2020 Incident)

Um I’d like not to suffocate so i’ll wear a mask


Aight bet
I’m telling u in betwe

Probably a good decision =)

Quite sure you’d also prefer to not breathe plastic

So i couldn’t breathe in a mask soo
maybe i’ll find a way next time (maybe tmr?)

Maybe you can edit the video and add a blur where your face is (but that might take a lot of work idk)

Ill try that
But i’m also playing doubles so I have to censor 4 peoples faces :skull:

RIP :skull:

But these are more deserving of "RIP " so yeah editing probably the best option.

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Fr I kinda forgot about the other people
So yea it’s gonna be a little hard

my new racket came in :heart:

its a yonex nanoray light 18i 5U G5 head heavy


looks really round compared to tennis

hold on lemme show u mine

Its isometric so it has a bigger sweet spot

Here’s mine
A yonex professional cracked light weight i8

Couldn’t find my real one tho
I’ll send one later

Um thats a kids racket

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I don’t speak Badminton but I’m guessing that’s a good racket :sweat_smile:


Logs into language learning website

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