{CHALLENGE} 30 line tournament


Whatever you’re doing stop. RIght now.

I have recently issued a challenge to myself in Desert Duel that I think would be fun to try in other places as well. Using no more than 30 lines, create the most effective code you can in one of the CoCo provided e-sport tournaments.

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My code Is 29 Lines, lol

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I also have code that is 29 lines long and im thinking on what to do to make it better.

AHA NOW IM AT 22 HE HE HE HAW (oops wrong game my bad g)

Oh, your code is brutal!

and 22 lines, which is of greater importance.

What is ur username?

It’s the same on the game. TheBredMeister, i think im like #50 or something in Desert Duel idk.

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nvm 65 now, but pretty good for just 22 lines

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Well, I’m going to have to go study for my AP Calculus, so, I won’t be on for a few hours probably, because of classes and whatnot.

My piece of advice for this challenge is to use functions.

I can make a one-line program…

btw, I have a program with 31 lines and I’m #8 >:)

My only loss:

D:< he beats me by one point

defeated you @TheBredMeister red

I did too, lol

24 line program!

Top 3rd!

Screenshot 2022-05-05 11.14.32

Beat top 1st without them scoring even once!

I’m amazed
No, not flexing, just saying it’s possible to make a 25-line program that’s really good

currently my program is #4 and has 40ish lines, I don’t think I can make a good one with 25 lines though but I’m too lazy to try it

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Wait, you’re 4th? Congrats, you beat my program, gg :]

lol thats me(20 chars)

D:< (lol)