The-bang has 2 accounts in tornament?

in giants gate @the-bang has 1 account that summons brawlers and 1 account that summons warlocks that are both named the-bang.

as you see right here:

one of them says 9 days ago while the other says 6 days ago

You can have two accounts, but if you win, only your main account will get the credits. The second account can be used as a test, or something.

I don’t know if that is the case because I assume that one can’t create an account with the same user name as a previous account, and it lists me as having three rankings.Screenshot from 2021-11-10 16-33-14
Screenshot from 2021-11-10 16-33-23
Screenshot from 2021-11-10 16-33-29

It’s a bug, we thought we fixed it but it got back. However you are right and it wont affect the final results.

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