The Dark Humor Topic

For every average, to extreme dark humor enjoyed, we now have a community on here to laugh, and go to hades on.

Hi Ray,
Unfortunately, dark humour is not permitted on these forums.
Please refrain from posting more of this kind of content, and delete your previous post.


God dang it- EVen discord doesn’t allow this-

Thanks for deleting your post.

I’m sure there are other forums on the web for this kind of content. However, on the CodeCombat Discourse, please don’t post NSFW or dark humour.

Thanks again,


Hey @Chaboi_3000 or @Deadpool198, can you close this topic?

Oof- I’m finna get banned Again- I just thought it wasn’t allowed in the Memes topic, dang.

Dark humor can hurt others and is prohibited on the forums. And yes, you have two previous infractions of the forum rules already, so I would be more cautious with the content you post. I highly advise you to read the forum rules again if you are unsure about what’s allowed/not allowed.