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The Dunes- Character moving half speed


For some reason, however i do the code, even if i comment out everything minus the movement code, the character seems to move half speed, whilst changing direction from left to right.

item = this.findNearestItem();
pos = item.pos,
ix = pos.x;
iy= pos.y;
this.move({x: ix, y: iy});

Thats all i have left after commenting out all of your starting code and still doesnt move properly

Makes it impossible to complete. Can someone have a look?? Doing it in Javascript, i’ve seen a lot of stuff on the forums about guys doing it in python and it working ok.


Hey Gazz, sorry about this–there’s a bug with the move-based boots (as opposed to the moveXY-based boots). I’m aiming to tackle it next week some time. You might want to check out some of the moveXY boots for this level until I can fix it.

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Thanks a lot, I will give that a try. :+1: