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I agree :rofl: :joy: :laughing: :rofl: (20 chars)

Aliens when they see humans do math:

All students who hate math class agree.

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I was playing Geoguessr today and this spawned:
I can’t stop laughing lol

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Coincidence I Think Not GIF - Coincidence I Think Not Coincidence I Think Not GIFs

pov alien math: 1+1= the square root of the quantam galaxy’s mass featuring thanos dancing to rickroll at 3 am

Frozen fortress on my school chrome book be like:

5 minutes later:

1 hour later:

1 year later:

10 years later:

And yes, its true, everything I do on codecombat I do it using my school chromebook which I am using now.

Me wrecking the trainer

If you ever think you are useless, remember that the person who created this exists:

The nearest road is like 1km away

Are you a Christian? Cuz i am

The way you worded tha sounded like what a Christian would say

I am a Christian, but how are these things connected?

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this sounded like you are reffering to God

Then thats calling God stupid if thats what you meant

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I think he’s referring to the railroad crossing thingy in the middle of the grass and stuff. And, I’m christian too.

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