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I think @Lydia_Song thinks that @PeterPalov is saying that god’s creation is lame. But, I’m pretty sure that @PeterPalov is actually talking about that one railroad crossing thingy in the middle of literally nowhere. Sorry, but this is getting off-topic.

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ok i will stop if anyone wants to continue this convorsation please pm me

No I’m saying that the coding Crusader quoted peter part of saying the person who created the railroad was stupid but the coding crusader said that part was referring to God, so you are implying that God is stupid?

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I’m confused . . . but okay.

i no think that was what he ment

Lawyers hope you get sued.
Doctors hope you get sick.
Cops hope you are a criminal.

Only robbers hope you are prosperous.

Reading a book is looking at a dead tree and hallucinating

When you do the dishes and there’s a big clump of wet food in the sink:

what am I even looking at xD

ah, yes, don’t finish your homework or draw 25 (aka get detention or smth)

yeah, the google thing is even more annoying when you have parental controls on, like, just, please google?

no. why, why is mr.clean there

well, I do sometimes since it’s unfamiliar to me


ahhh, I gtg sorry :/ maybe I’ll reply to more on Monday

Because. He is the only man who is able to help you. Also, he’s bald so.
Doom Memes 8 - YouTube
DOOM MEMES 14 - YouTube

“How was your long weekend?”

The kid who has trouble with spelling comprehends it as weeknd in his brain:
Screenshot 2023-03-13 10.23.52 PM

Ah yes the wwwwwwwwweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeekkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkeeeeeeeeeeeeeeennnnnnnnnnnddddddddddddd. My favorite camera grabbing, spinning, mid singing, influencer.

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Just wanted to add- what you’re looking at Moon is me getting banned for being brave. Again. But meh, the knife licker and Mr. Clean love me, I have zero regrets moderators-

lol, did you rly get banned for posting that ;-;

Yup. Clean dark humor too-

oh no cringy cat|TikTok Search

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Caillou → Avatar Aang → One punch man → Andrew Tate → Mr.clean

An average person has two minutes to live, but every time you breath, the timer resets.

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Every programmer can relate to this:
[How bug deals with programmer #shorts #coding #programming #coder #code #coderlife #codingmemes - YouTube]

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oh yes, stackoverflow

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