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How can you cast a spell on a specific enemy not just a random target?

Whenever i try to cast hero.cast("lightning", enemy.pos.x, enemy.pos.y) this comes up.

You can use enemy.x enemy.y. In this level, you can’t use enemy.pos.

What is storm siege?

It is a new arena for a new season.

Yeah I found out I cannot beat your code!

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Thanks I will try it.

Does heal heal your tower up?


No. They are resistant to spells.

When I run if < leastHealth and enemy.type != "tower": my code does not respond and casts on a tower anyway. I am getting no error messages.

What kind of spell are you trying to cast? I was confused for a second when I was messing around with fireballs but realized it was targeting the skeletons as they were being summoned and not the towers.

I’m using ("lightning", enemy.pos.x, enemy.pos.y)

Lightning can only target the strongest enemy; I don’t know why it would be targeting towers though.

Okay sorry i gave you my outdated code I am using hero.cast("lightning", enemy.x, enemy.y) and I am trying not to target towers. Sorry if my wording was off

Nvm about the strongest enemy; the guide is wrong and you can target positions… I don’t know why it would try to target a tower then.

I am using it in conjunction with if < leastHealth and enemy.type != "tower":

what’s the code for casting your spells at the strongest enemy

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You can look back at Computer Science 4 the Mad Mazer strikes back and use that code but convert it to attacking the strongest enemy instead of the weakest.