Storm Siege Bugs and Feedback

Storm Siege is in action!

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I cannot access the unit.x or unit.y property for friends or enemies.

while True:
    h = 0
    enemy = hero.findNearestEnemy()
    if enemy:
        h = enemy.x

The code above causes an error.

Additionally, it seems that units can move right through the obstacles in the arena.

Screenshot 2023-09-01 10.12.14 AM

Also, according to the documentation, friends show up as enemies and vice versa.

The x and y property should be accesible now,

For the obstacles, can you check and confirm if the units still walk to that part of the arena now?

Docs are also fixed,

Thanks a bunch for the reports!

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The obstacle bug is still here:

Screenshot 2023-09-01 11.39.20 AM

For some reason, the health and damage of friends and enemies is registering as 0.

Is the .health and .attackDamage property registering as 0 ? Can you put an example code? Both of those properties worked fine for me.

Whoops, my bad. It was a problem with my code.

No problem! Are the units still going over the obstacle?

I really like the arena, but it would be great if you changed it a bit.

I could not find a way to command my units and it would be great if you added such option, for example, like I could command yetis in Tundra Tower. It would add a variety of different strategies as well.
Also, I’ve just noticed that while you are summoning a unit, my hero can’t do anything else (for example, my hero can’t cast any spells). Is it intentional? In my opinion, it would be better if there was a cooldown after summoning a unit (the cooldown is diffferent for different types), so my code would not stop during the summoning time.

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Also, I think I found a bug:

This error occurs with random people, I have nothing wrong in my code.

I think the health points of the hero could be lowered a bit so that it could speed the games up faster.

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It seems like some ranged attacks such as those from warlocks and shamans aren’t able to hit heroes

(my health is the same as the enemy hero’s health even though I am being hit.) Edit: it also seems to only be occurring against the human team.

Nope, seems to be fixed.

I don’t think this question is appropirate in this thread, since it’s not about level help, but the answer is that you can write a findbytype function and just find the type of the tower.

ok sry i will delete it

can you make it so you can give groups of units commands like defend attack or using abiltys with the paladins

Towers shouldn’t be resistant to spells except for heal.

Hello! Because this is a regular season arena, we want to make this arena a bit simple, so we don’t give direct controls over the units like in Tundra Towers (also if we do, there’s a lot of units to control, and that might lag people on the low end machines)

Yes. heroes cannot do anything when they’re summoning, that is considered as a “cost” to summon the unit, want to summon a unit in the stronger category? You’ll have to pay the price of missing a few more crucial seconds in which the enemy could do something important that went undetected because your hero was busy summoning, it’s part of the gameplay.

But thank you for the suggestions! I will forward them to Valentin and discuss them to see if they are preferred from the overall gameplay perspective.

Can you provide a spectate/ match link in which this error occurred ?

Whoops, oof fixed that, thanks for the report!

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