The Weather Channel 😁

beat 10 F gl on surviving lol
it was like 80F during winter here in CA

you can just do that with a quick google search


during the summer it can get up to 110 F (43 C) and winters, it can get to 15 F (-9 C)

our temperature, it really ranges

oh than estimate of 60 to 75 deg F

do u live in brazil or smthn :rofl:

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i went skiing once and it was -21


me in AZ
highest will be 125 F(52C) and lowest will be 36F (2C)


In my part of Canada, summer highest: 40 C 104F and in winter -40C .


holy broccoli!



It’s finally getting warmer here, it’s nearly 60*f (and there is still ice…,…somehow)


In my old house it got up to 115 F in summer and 30 F in winter. I don’t think it’s much different where I’m living now, but it’s hard to tell since I haven’t yet spent a year here.

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fo me it used to snow in june smhow

-16 C/ 3 F right now.

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According to google:
It’simage here

Nah, great old steaming C of the A

Yo, that sounds great. Lucky


Rn its umm -3* c. It was like 2* c during a point of the day. There’s lots of wind tho so it feels like -1 or smth (In my op).

Not that surprising for a person that lives in AZ :rofl:. Very lucky (also um temperature is not a luck thing but ig).

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It’s getting colder this week. It might even get into the 30s F at night.

You found an error. Thank you for notifying me. I will correct it right away.

As of now, it is 68 degrees Fahrenheit (or 20 degrees Celsius for everyone who uses the correct system of measurement). It is mostly cloudy with 8 miles per hour winds (or 12.87 kilometres per hour), and 87 percent humidity.

I am swimming in a gazpacho right now.

We had hail last night, but that didnt stop school :roll_eyes:

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