Topic about nature / outside

Just another topic idea because why not. I thought of this because I am always trapped inside the house. Anyways, what are your thoughts on this subject about being outside and the things that happen outwards?

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Being outside rn for me is a death sentence. I’m extremely allergic to pollen and since it’s spring I pretty much become a sneeze machine that looks like they’re crying.

Then when I come inside and eventually stop sneezing my eyes are still kind of watery which is pretty annoying. On top of this my eyes sometimes feel itchy, so I rub my eyes which is normally never a good idea, because after I rub my eyes it feels like I have permanent pink eye and my eyes just feel worse. Also, I lost my allergy meds so my allergies are like twice a bad as they should be.

So basically, I hate going outside during spring. Unless I have my allergy meds. Then I only get slightly annoyed.

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Wut is outside :skull:. Is that like the place with grass n stuff?

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Me: learning 'bout deforestation at school.

Also Me: Chopping down tons of trees because my church has a old school fireplace in every room.

note: I replant the trees so I’m not that evil

uh… what’s a grass?
is this some weird cultural reference

Yea maybe idk I r just heard that their is grass outside that all I know about this un explored area