The Weather Channel 😁

My preferred temp is 110 F

Wow really? That’s hotter then I prefer, but bearable with a breeze and shade. I prefer 75-85.

oof thats cold.

Well, I suppose it depends on the environment you’re in. I’ve lived in a desert with hardly any shade. So 100 F is hot. But if you live in a different environment, it might feel cooler.

I prefer 70F - 85F (21 C - 29 C)

Yeah, that temperature has happened before.

still 25 F here where i Live. :sob: :frowning_face:

-12 c/11f Right now.

it is currently 52 degrees F (morning)

15-19c here love it (2)

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Its been around 50-52* f here and it’s warmish

65F (18C) right now.

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it was 9* F this morning as I waited for the bus. I almost got frostbite for the fiftieth time this month.


:cold_face: That is so cold! For most of my life, the weather has never been below 20 F.

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Coldest i have ever experienced is 14 F (-10 C)

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I’m in Bundoora and the weather is sunny with a 24Β°C (75.2Β°F)


It is a nice 86 degrees Fahrenheit and I am content.


With me I have not seen the sun in like 3 days


thats how annoying it is when you correct people Bred.

idk what it is in farenhight but aproxemetly 50-55 deg ferinhight here