[THEORY] Senick is a paladin in disguise (a high effort s post)

Name 1 unit that can heal, most of you will probably say paladin or witch, we are taking a look at the paladin, and (maybe) there secret relative, senick.
Senick is the only hero that can use the heal abbility, what other unit can use that? PALADIN

there cooldowns are almost the same, and senick heals 200 hp per heal and paladins heal 150, pretty close senick may have learnt more stronger heals at the cost of losing his shield, he is also a tanky boi, who else is a tanky boi? paladins, with there shield abbility they can live for a LONG time but that brings the question. Why can’t senick use shield? the most common source i found was his description, Senick is a ruthless hunter. He eliminates his enemies without mercy. He is only interested in attacking and carries little to no armor.
but if he carries little to no armor, why does he have the most hp out of the rangers? well the “Armor” may be referencing to the paladins shield.

(edit: paladins heal 150 hp, Thanks Peter :smile: )


But i thought paladins are girls but senick is
A boy

Idk. valkyries are girls but i cant think of any other fighting person type, real and myth that sticks only to girls.

I like the theory, but this is not true though. Paladins heal 150 health.

Added to the List of Theories, Biographies and Stories. :slight_smile:

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oh lol my mistake sry