Think Ahead - adventurer feedback


Very nice level.

I’ve noticed one thing that may get players stuck. In this part:

# Reassign 'nearestPair' to the names of the current pair of units.

It is not quite clear that the units’ names are stored in their id property. This is not mentioned in the comments nor guide. I’d suggest commenting about the id property or adding a special name property to this level’s units.


I agree that the id property should be explained in the guide.

Problem: I was able to kill the artillery and the munchkins at the start, before the first attack, using chain-lightning.

Another Problem: I was able to command troops, including the first eight soldiers, to kill the ogres before the first attack. They even walked through the fence. The first eight got there extra-quickly due to their increased movement speed.



Yeah, I think it’s a good idea.

Hm I need to think how to avoid it.

It’s really weird, I use “obstacle”. I will check it.


Id = name!!!

I cannot believe this hasn’t been changed in the comments. It specifically says to get their name (which I was like "cool, didn’t know I could. units[i].name but I keep getting “undefined undefined” as response. Hmpf. Reset code twice. Eventually look it up and find here that I should be trying to get their id. How am I supposed to know that?

When I hover over the health I see “health: xxx / yyy”, position? “pos: ...” - target? "target: ... " - activity? - “action: ...” – just name and type have no hover over?

Please add hover over to the name and type fields in the little preview window that you get from clicking on a figure. – also add mention of ID in the comments of this level! :slight_smile: Thank you.

(by the way, is that something I could do myself by changing something in git and requesting a pull? haven’t looked around for contributing before, but changing the comment part of a level sounds simple enough…)

Edit: Sorry if I seemed annoyed, just felt unfair. – just found out that twin power (a level that can be played before (available at the same time)) uses id to get the name. It’s just if you don’t force the order you have to make sure there’s a way to know about it.


So far
This level is most unfriendly for not standard solutions
I almost give up but managed to find
Solution for “zero damage taken”

Is it really required to block any alternative solution so hard?


I suppose it’s a side effect. I did this level for courses and “for-nested” concept. Alternative solutions are not our main goal, but we don’t limit them on purpose.