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Quick-Fort - adventurer feedback


I like this level.

Few nitpicks:

  • This comment seems to have its text unintentionally repeated:

# For each of them say to build "fence".For each of them say to build "fence".

  • This comment implies that it is not entirely necessary for the hero to join the battle:

# Now watch for the battle or help your army.

When, in fact, the level seems unbeatable without help from the hero. I even had to summon extra units using the Boss Star. I've used the Boss Star 4 while playtesting the level, but I guess a regular user playing the campaign will only have a Boss Star 2 by that point, right? The level was still a bit of a challenge even with this end-game gear, I'm not sure if this difficulty is intended. Perhaps the level needs some balancing.


Could you give your session example? I tested the balance that the hero can just stay and watch.

Thx. Will fix.



You are right. I’m not sure where the randomness appears, but sometimes ogres win, sometime humans.

I adjusted the balance a little.