This is not teaching me anything


I started this game and completed the first full map. I have no prior programming experience. I am using javascript. Sooo…even after finishing this, I don’t know how to actually use javascript on a webpage. I know stuff like this.moveRight(), loops, building fire-traps ect ect, but I have no idea how to actually make a javascript in real life. I was hopeing this would teach me more. Am I missing something. Does it teach me how to be an actual programmer on later levels?


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I’m more here to learn how to be a programmer, less to play a game

than i would regret you to another page. This is a “game” to learn code, if you search for other things we cant help you. In w2 and w3 you will learn more about loops and conditions. You can not program a webpage with this here, thats not what you learn.

Hi Bill,

Welcome to CodeCombat ! The website where you can learn code by playing a game. This game is aimed at middle school student, but is fun for anyone ! I’m sorry you ragequit this game 5 levels too soon, because in the forest you’d encounter the Lost Viking challenge for real competitors, just like you. By winning this (easy) level, you would have been redirected to a more professional partner webpage : Viking School. With actual pictures of grownups and no cartonny fights.

Nice name btw and nice first post. This is my pleasure to help nice people.