Thornbush Farm Help[solved]

Look it show summon error i use Hero.buildXY command

is it bug or it need string like it said.

Is it cause you dont have a hammer equiped?

in hero.buildXY("fire-traps"); it needs to be fire-trap


i already equip the hammer

Do you have any more errors??

@Haris what type of hammer do you have? The wooden one doesn’t give you the fire-trap and your building a fire-trap and just as @Vanessa said it has to be hero.buildXY('firetrap', **,**);

stone hammer @WaWa_Yang

Then i think the only thing is what @Vanessa mentioned.

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oh ok (20 char)245678

thanks @WaWa_Yang and @Vanessa it finnaly working misspelled word XD


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