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Top would you rathers (News)!

Here are would you rathers:

Also, don’t forget to check out my friends too!

I will make more if there’s more voters:

Name Based on How Number
Codecombat Would You Rathers Random stuff ??? First
Impossible Would U Rathers Very hard surveys By achieving 2 voters on first one Second
Upcoming: Saddest WYR Sad stuff By achieving 3 voters on second Third
Upcoming: No choice WYR Impossible surveys By achieving 5 voters on third Fourth
Upcoming: Food WYR Mostly food By achieving 7 voters on fourth Fifth
Upcoming: Tough Choices Tough stuff By achieving 10 voters on fifth Sixth
Upcoming: Sacrifices WYR Lifes and saves By achieving 15 voters on sixth Seventh
Upcoming: Pet vs. Friend Pet vs. Friend By achieving 25 voters on seventh eighth
Upcoming: ??? All ___________ By achieving 40 voters on eighth ninth
EpicCoder999 WYR ??? ??? ???

Wow I can’t believe I am missing out on all this