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Topic for Among Us

Topic for Among Us gameplay!

Among us code: blxduf, north america

do you know Mr. Fruit? if not he does a lot of Among Us vids.

I might be able to play like 5:30 esteem time

i wish i could play but i don’t have it on my PC anymore :frowning:

Do you have it on a mobile device?

I troll everyone. I also found that purp was an impo for one of the games cause of a hiding spot in Mira.

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no my sister does but she never lets me play.

i play among us at least at night i do i know how to get imposter a bunch of times join a server then keep switching your colour and hat it will greatly increase your chances of getting impos

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Never mind can’t play today

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Anyone down for Among Us Tomorrow?

Yes!!! I haven’t charged my phone yet so wait. What time?

When do you want 20 chars

2 hours? Is that good?

Tell us what the code is.

when is 2 hours i dont understand

My username’s Monsty

2 hours are the same in both our times…

do you mean two hours from this time right now

Because if you mean that I can’t play