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Yeesh. After reading this I’m glad we have nice mods even if they arn’t active that much.


I’ll admit I did for a second too, but if I was going to punish someone I’d very thoroughly read their comment to make sure I haven’t misinterpreted it.

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The thing is that jeff (one of our mods) is nice, be he is on vacation until the 15th, so pharlain (who is almost never active) has to moderate

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its so dumb these words help apsolutly nothing


Eh? How did they comment that?

I used <> in the middle of the word
It bypasses the word block

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Ah, ok.

that moment when the moderators are so bad in one forum that you have to talk about it in a different forum


My apologies. I misread. I’ll issue a public apology as well.

Please do not post about things like this. This forum is for posts about creative forums only. Its not for requests about what you’d like to see in gimkit proper, and rules questions can be directed to the mods.

This keeps the forums more usable for people using it for its purpose: helping the community with the amazing tool that is gimkit creative.

she said this honestly the fist good thing she has said

Why is the word mom banned on there tho?

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that actualy makes more sense but is still stupid

In order to get things under control? What was out of control?

I tried to link reply to create a new topic and got a warning on the forum, the forum of gimkit is messed up today

Red mail icon

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Yeah, jeff would just close the topic, not send warnings

I did too

Also vqinillaxx got suspended

Why are we even talking about a discourse on another discourse?

I honestly don’t know.
If you want to check out what’s happening on the other side:


oh god

Yeah, I’m not posting unless I absolutely have to.

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Me neither