Discord stuff topic

this were you can only talk about discord and tell people to friend you on discord here too!!

all right you should chill out with the spam of topics

and you should say this in discord

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i dont have to listen to you because the last time i checked you were not my dad and we need to stay on topic and that is discord.

its fine if they make topics as long as they aren’t the same thing ok @cheddarcheese? please stop with that it is pretty annoying to others unless they are doing it on the same thing.

i did not say i was your dad im just saying your literly spamming topics

did you read what i said at all?

Discord got blocked on my computer at the end of summer.

Why??? (20 characters)

most things are. :angry:

@avery_witte please don’t encourage bad stuff school is VERY important. Next time someone WILL flag you or maybe even that post.

oh sorry ok thx for telling me that ok

hey where did you get your pfp @098765432123

Zax155 gave it to me.

oh huh cool (20 squiggly chars)

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What is the discord, anyway @ZAX155

a social platform mostly for gamers

zax is currently suspended

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Um, not completely sure what that means, but I think I understand some of it :neutral_face:

How come???