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pls listen…its so good…

Favorite French song :]

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Weirdest song I’ve ever heard. But catchy beat

(Also someone post soon so that I can post more)

music is cool

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I like her music

this song! called “asahn nas” (meaning best people in arabic) is a song sung by the late Ms. Egypt, Dalida.

Very normal to not study
According to harvewrd elementary school, 105% of babies don’t study on how to pay taxes

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I, for one, study for tests heheh. Not for very long, but enough to get a good grade lol

I would be apart of the 0th percent :joy:

Replace heart with brain and it’d be accurate to me :skull:

i’m seriously gonna strangle you

didn’t you already say that

who knows
not me

this songs a banger

and here’s the response to it

is that a vocaloid song :skull:

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YESSS but it sounds so real!!!

thats scary not good :skull:

the chord progression is really nice