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Topic for Netflix

this where you can talk about things you have watch or watching or even watched on netflix. so have and i am currently watching when calls the heart. @098765432123

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why at me? just invite me instead next time ok?

sorry did you get my pm but back on topic

yes I did. (20000000)

okay but back on topic what are you watching on netflix

I don’t watch Netflix… I don’t watch TV either.

my sisters watch Netflix but I don’t.

i need someone else to reply on the Doritos topic so go there please and oh what do you do to waste time

I will tell you in Doritos topic.

Haha. Looks like there are more new #off-topic’s than #level-help’s.

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I have to recommend The Hollow on Netflix. it’s really good.

My sisters like some thing called The Dragon Prince i did not find it on netflix but im sure there is one

it’s really good.(what is it with 20chars today?)

the dragon prince was really good i loved it i wish there was another season


I watch K-On, The Legend of Korra, The Flash, and Tiny House Nation on Netflix…


I like the Hollow and Inbestigators

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I watch spy kids mission critical and the movie spy kids and wish dragon


I also watch the Legend of Korra @Aslaya

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Aha you arised a dead topic. Normally Chaboi might come here to warn you about it, but then again this discourse is kinda dead- xD

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ok so a lot of people have been getting this error they think reviving the dead Is bad but @Chaboi_3000 specifically said that as long as it is related to the topic it isn’t called reviving the dead.