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ur moms iq

  • -1 iq
  • negetive iq
  • 10 iq
  • 100iq
  • 1000iq
  • smarter than u
  • i have 2 dads

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IO games are way better than you think, they are easy to get on and you can have fun in short periods. But for games like (long paced io games), I don’t like them.

We don’t get family relations talk inside our discourse and we certainly don’t rank them. Also, “i have 2 dads” is inappropriate, it slides a little to nsfw.

Not really since its LGBTQ+

This was from Google. LGBTQ+ is a part of pornography, and it is stated as nsfw.
@Chaboi_3000, mind if you check @riticmaster908’s post?

The pride topic exists and Deadpool has said it’s allowed.


On the discourse, lgbtq+ is allowed. Deadpool let the topic exist once we asked him.

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CoCo Discourse is an open community. Any discussion about LGBT is allowed as long as it’s not NSFW/inappropriate.


IDK, she smart but she kinda dum too ifyouknowwhatImean (lol)