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Hello Discourse,

I have come up with this lovely idea. It is a speech topic. I have found myself writing way longer topic replies and pm replies. And they almost qualify as speeches. Then that gave me an idea to make a topic that is meant for speeches. But there has to be some rules.

  1. You cannot just copy and paste a speech that someone had said in history. Because we will know if you did that and we will request you to fix it.
  2. You must make sure that your speech is creative and family friendly. What this mean is that you cannot have any vulgar words or racial comments in your speech at all. If you do, you will be flagged for it being inappropriate.
  3. Anyone can write a speech. Yes, I will be reading them and if I like them I will be giving your speech a heart. So, make sure your speech is long and very well educated.
  4. If your speech breaks any of the Discourse rule, you will be flagged and reported to Chaboi and Nick.
  5. Any speeches may not have any slang. That is because it makes your speech not look as advanced as it could look

This idea was also made by @MarmiteOnToast and many other supporters. Thanks for reading this and happy speeching.

I will be posting at least one or two speeches a day.

I also made this for people to give advice about speeches as well!

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Oh, I feel like I’ve written too much speeches during last three months…
P.S. Good topic!


Then you would be a great person for this topic. I hope you write some speeches and share them with us in the near or far future. You are a great person so your speeches should be great as well.

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Thank you, Zax! I really appreciate your kind words. Unfortunately, I usually write long speeches when the situation needs it, and because the main activity of the Discourse is in the PMs currently, I usually write them there. A good speech should have a topic, the main idea and the purpose (speeches with no purpose are not speeches). So, if I want to write some speeches, I need to get some kind of inspiration and… free time. A lot of it. I mean, I will try to write speeches like, for example, this one that I am writing right now, but I’m pretty sure I just won’t have enough time or ideas. Also, I am now using phone more usually then I use my laptop, so I will just have too many typos and I will be needing a lot of time to write. Actually, I like writing stuff and I’m inclined to believe that I am good at writing speeches, so yeah. Hopefully there will be coming speeches from me.
This is my first speech,
Good luck on your, guys, upcoming speeches,


Okay for what peter just said, the topics for today’s speeches are Reasons you decided to start coding. Hope you all will join in on this.

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I decided to start coding for several reasons. The main reason that I started to code was because I wanted a hobby that I could expand more and more throughout the years. My dad had started to teach but then soon decided to stop teaching. That left me with my own devices. I wanted to learn how to code because I wanted to try and follow in my dad’s footsteps. I started with Roblox Studio. Pretty soon after that, it got too easy and I needed something a little bit harder and more complex. I then started reading Computer Coding Language Books and doing all the projects in the Books. But that as well got so easy, I could do the hardest projects in a week at most. That is when I found CodeCombat. CodeCombat was the perfect solution that I was searching for. The first campaign levels in the Dungeon and Forest were too easy. But when I made it to the Desert, Mountain and Glacier campaign, that is when it got harder and harder. Yes, I had so many errors and had a hard time figuring out what to do. But eventually I figured it out and I was proud of myself. I found out that there was still so much that I needed to learn. That is when I made the choice to learn as much as I could about coding, no matter how long it would take me to learn it. And to this day, I am still proud of my choice to start coding. I am still thriving in my knowledge in Coding Languages.

This is my speech for today’s topic. Leave a :heart: if you liked today’s speech. Thanks.


Lovely! Very well worded speech @ZAX155!

Here goes nothing: There are many reasons as to why a young male such as myself has started coding: The idea of having many trades including engineering, coding, modeling, and graphic design have all enthralled me, but coding has taken the cake. My love for coding actually began on scratch, where i modified a pre-existing code, and studied it, then changed it to enhance the smoothness if possible. But the main reason i have taken up coding was to be on the same level as my classmate, bestfriend, gaming and soccer rival, @qwerty. He has very unsurprisingly surpassed me in skill and depth of coding, but i still cherish the fact i can talk with him on some degree about something other than school or games.

This is my speech as to why I have started my coding journey, if there is any misspelling besides the non-caps “I’s” everywhere, go ahead and tell me! :grin:


I started coding coz yes and my dad wanted me to. I know codecombat because my dad wanted me to use it. I started coding coz it might be fun. I heard of code.org

If you are writing a speech, do make sure it’s long a very well-educated. A long address is what makes a speech - a speech. However, if you use normal slang words, and write a tiny bit it doesn’t feel like a speech. I would highly recommend reading at least a couple of books or texts before trying to write something as (if you are paying attention) they will undoubtedly add to your vocabulary and ability to write texts longer than two lines. But the golden rule of speeches is - a good speech-writer is also a good listener. Apparently, not everyone here read the actual purpose of the topic which lead to the appearance of a text utterly unrelated to the purpose of the topic.

(Yes, I just wrote a speech about speeches x))


Dear Leo, you can use slang words in a speech and still have it feel like a normal speech. Speeches don’t necessarily need to use proper, non- slang English to be a speech, like this one 'ere(coz, you know, just read on), but I will keep in mind what you said and make sure all my speeches are long from now on. I shall make sure you never have to write another speech about speeches just to tell me that I shouldn’t have written a sentence in a topic about speeches. You do not need to be unable to be able to have the ability to perform the needed ability to can, for I will no longer just write sentences for this topic. I will write proper speeches. Herinafter, I will momentarily exist in a position where I will not, shall not, and am not able to perform the task of being able to can the fact that I, an improper man as proved by the great gods and the state of the 4 sentences which I wrote myself, as a sad, and pathetic, lame excuse of a speech. To write such a thing, I have been withheld the ability to even attempt to can why. I, as a true wolf, do not understand that humans consider small things so hugely. Nick forgive me for I have sinned.

I would help you keep the Discourse clean, but it would be quite untowards of me not to pay mention of the unfortunate fact that, although it pains me greatly to say, I am unable to assist you in this particular endeavour(more colloquially known as the ability to can). My friends, pray forgive my inability to provide assistance in this most dire and pressing situtation. I do not find myself in the circumstances for it to be possible that I could potentially be able to have the capacity to help. This unfortunate event is due to the fact that I, @Monsty22, elder brother of @Monsty, Eldest son of the family, am a wolf. Due to the ordinary laws of the fundamental physics of the realm we live in, based on the nature of such, Wolves are regrettably withheld the ability to perform such actions and they are rendered useless at what time requested upon these challenges as they lack the ability to prepare what one requires them to do, hence, the failure of being able to can is inevitable. I am sorry, for I do not have the capability to be able to can anything. The ability of executing the undefined action of canning is not unfeasible to thee. From this time throughout the current forseeable future, because of a myriad of causes, notably unforseen and ill-fortunate sequences of events, I shall not, for I lack the ability to do so, execute the action beforehand mentioned or described in the form of an infinitive in the near future, however this action is known to more common folk who have a rather superficial understanding of the English vocabulary as the ability to “can”. Rate this speechmaking skill of thine, O friend @Anonym.

Or, as the even more illiterate peasants say it:
“I won’t do this again. I can’t get why I did it in the first place, but yeah, sure, thanks for the reminder
Btw did I say it nicely @Anonym?”

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sorry I read ur thing like 3 times and I kinda didnt understand a single thing


Perhaps you will understand the words of the illiterate:

no ur thing just made no sense (To me). speeches have a certain flow to them that makes people understand what they were talking about. U started talking about wolves and not canning stuff
and yes the bottom part of ur speech was the only thing I understood


The entire thing was meant to be a joke. Just replace the parts where i said unable to can with can’t


oh lol aight my bad :sweat_smile:

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Start a very big argument with NSFW stuff and IP phishing links and all the other bad stuff and Chaboi might contribute with a speech!

Or do not and you won’t have to write unneccessary speeches, where the whole text can be replaced by one word “sorry”.

Dear Peter, I regret to inform you that we have been off-topic for too long and need to go back on topic. The word sorry simply does not cut it as this is a topic for speeches. We have come here to make speeches and will always come to this topic to make speeches. I wanted a way to say sorry, but also make a speech at the same time to be on topic. You can obviously see I was joking, or not, because Falc got confused there for a second.

Ah, but I have a lot of free time and am reaaaalllly bored, so I’d rather make an unnecessary speech where everyone would read the TL;DR anyway. We need to stop going off topic and continue as usual.

I was referring to the polls topic where chaboi told us to grow up

This is still off-topic -_-

The speech for the day is how we got started with coding

The topic for today’s speeches is

Favorite hobbies