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Topic for School Games!

From the chaos-inducing Kahoot and collectathon Blooket to the classic Tag and Stuck in the Mud, discuss all sorts of weird and wacky school games here!

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Tbh, Blooket is probably one of my favourites at the moment, the amount of characters “Blooks” you can collect is pretty huge and games can get pretty intense at times!

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I LOVE KAHOOT!!! (sry i just really LOVE IT!!!)


has anyone heard of before?

Yep. But kahoot and gimkit look so alike. I like blooket the best

Same here, it’s gets really competitive in my school
All my friends are trying to unlock all the normal ones
My progress:

Only 11 to go!

I’m just trying to get mythics. I already have the narwhal

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I really wanna get the astronaut and pizza

Flexing time!

Noice that you got a ghost. But I have more than that! (I think)

I had the king of hearts and then my brother sold it when i wasn’t looking

My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined

I like kahoot and quizz

I now have every “Epic” rarity Blook in Blooket
I’m missing 3 “Legendary” and I missed my chance to get Santa

Which ones are you missing?

basically all of the ones you can earn

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I’m guessing you sell the commons and rares to get more money to get the astronaut and that


I like collecting them all

do you have the colored astronaut?