What are your favorite Roblox games?

We’re learning more about Roblox, from a game design perspective, and am curious as to what games y’all like and what you like about them?

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Tower of Hell, Islands, Piggy, Jailbreak, Bloxburg, Arsenal, Murder Mystery 2,

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bubblegum simulator and among us
also ninja ledgends is fun
(sadly i lost roblox a while ago soo…)

Friday night funkin remix, vesteria, infectious smile, flood escape 2

I like the first one because I like Friday night funkin and want to improve on my skills and beat other people

Vesteria because there is so much to explore, it’s kinda like an adventure game (haven’t played in awhile)

Infectious smile because it mainly just shows that happiness shouldn’t be your only emotion.

Flood escape 2 because I like parkour and the music is fire :fire:

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The Mimik - Great sense of exploration while mixing in puzzles and horror

Ninja Legends - A good sense of upgrading and again, exploration

Funky Friday - Tons of customisation and easy to understand gameplay (ik it’s based off fnf)

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Arsenal, BedWars, SkyWars

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I like to play Naval Warfare.
I have created a game. Maybe check it out and buy a bit o’ stuff?

Also, go here for free Robux!
Read the tutorial in game for the how to play.
I’m sorry about the rickroll, I just had to do it. :smiley:

sHoo0o sO MucH r0BuX

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oOo So ToTaLy NoT a RiCkRoLl 100% wOrKs OmG i GoT 1BiLlIoN rObUx YaY

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Did you guys actually try out the game? I also clearly said it was a rickroll. :slight_smile:

lol i just click on it

ummmmm… whattttttt
No SwEaRiNg PlEaSe
EdIt OuT nOw

it is not a swear word.

lmao = laughing my a** off

well not always a swear word

it will if u say it towards someone

yea it is
(a** = a$$)
lmao is a swear, Theoreticly.

well ok i edit the post

I play bee swarm, my resto, arsenal, jailbreak, aot last breath (it might be del for copyright reasons tho), world zero. (i like alot more but this is my favs)

Isn’t that considered advertising :thinking:

cough cough might wanna… delete/edit it

you can advertise in your bio