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[Translation] Calling All Diplomats: Help Translate Hour of Code Activity Names


First, big thanks to all the Diplomats: thanks to your translations, millions of kids get the opportunity to learn how to code with CodeCombat in 58 languages and counting. :clap:

In December, is running its annual Hour of Code event with Computer Science Education Week. Many millions of students participate every year, including from non-English-speaking countries. So it’s really important for those students to have content available translated into their languages.

We’d like to ask a special favor. We have good translation coverage for a lot of our content already (although we could always use more translations), but we need translations of activity names and descriptions for’s list of activities for Hour of Code. They will only support activities that have been translated by November 15, so we have one week to translate activities for the 43 languages they support.

Each language only has 189 words to translate, so if we all pitch in, we’ll be done in no time, and all those students around the world will be able to learn to code with CodeCombat.

Can you help? Fill in translations in this spreadsheet.

Thank you!

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Thanks @nick, I’ll try translating.


it’s done, I think :slight_smile:


Thanks to everyone contributing so far! Looks like we are done with 20 languages and need some strings in some tabs still translated for:

  1. Danish
  2. Filipino
  3. Finnish
  4. Galician
  5. Greek
  6. Hebrew
  7. Indonesian
  8. Norwegian
  9. Serbian
  10. Slovenian
  11. Swedish
  12. Turkish
  13. Vietnamese
  14. Arabic
  15. Bulgarian
  16. Czech
  17. Korean
  18. Lithuanian
  19. Macedonian
  20. Malay
  21. Portuguese (Portugal)
  22. Romanian
  23. Thai
  24. Persian