Happy Hour of Code Week - Tips for Teachers

All of us at CodeCombat are excited to see kids around the globe encouraged to spend at least one hour learning about the basics of code, and we’re rolling out some brand new features and content on our site to celebrate. Here are five ways to make the most of CodeCombat during and after Hour of Code this week:

  1. Our Hour of Code course is live! The “Introduction to Computer Science” course (19 levels) is free for all students, and is the perfect introduction to real, code-based programming. Send them to http://codecombat.com/hoc to start playing immediately.

  2. Redesigned Courses Experience - We’ve been hard at work on redesigning the Courses interface for teachers to manage their classrooms and students, and the newest version is available at http://codecombat.com/courses/teachers (login required). Make sure to check out our Getting Started Guide [PDF] for step-by-step instructions on how to set up your class.

  3. Need help with the “Introduction to Computer Science” levels? We have a teachers’ solutions guide that contains answers and hints to every level in the first course so you can help students if they get stuck. Guides for the following courses are incoming. :slight_smile:

  4. Download/print out a time-saving poster! Thanks to John Hinkle for creating and sharing this with us. It provides some example code and definitions for students to quickly reference while they’re working through “Introduction to Computer Science”.

  5. Fill out this survey and get access to Computer Science 2-4 for FREE! For a limited time, we’re giving teachers the opportunity to enroll as many students as they want in our three paid courses (that’s over 15 additional hours of content!). Once we’ve approved your trial, you and your students will have access to all paid courses for two months.

Let us know if you have any questions – we’re looking forward to hearing feedback from both you and your students! Photos and quotes from your classroom welcome :slight_smile:

Team @ CodeCombat

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Nice, excellent work CoCo team! :smile:

By the way, the “time-saving poster” link is broken.

I noticed it was an older version had been put up. I sent a more up to date version with a lot less spelling errors. They are probably proofing it now :smile_cat:

You can get it from my dropbox on the Presentation slides and curricular materials for code combat if you are interested