Translation: Some questions


A few days ago I began to play code combat and I really like it. I would like to help you translating into catalan. I’ve made some contribution here (one or two, only to test it). My question is, when is it validated?

And the other question is that I’ve also seen the github web for translations, but I’ve never worked with github. Do you have some guide? How can I send my contributions to github?



I don’t how that works for Catalan language. For Russian I’d seen my translations approved in one or two days.

For github at least create an account there. I haven’t checked it yet but the easiest way is to follow github link for your language and then use the pencil icon, I suppose. It’s placed to the left from Raw/Blame/History block on the top.

If that doesn’t work then yes, it’s needed to create a guide for quikstart with git.

Thanks! I have some questions more. First of all I want to clarify that I write this message not to press, but simply to know the answers and how you work and how the translations are applied :slight_smile:

  • These days I’ve made some translations in catalan. For example, I translated the second and third level of Kithgard Dungeon completely. I realised that, for example, in “Gems in the deep” some translations have been patched (some tips, for example, when you play) and some not (like the photo). My question is why it happens, because all the level was translated. The same as Shadow Guard.

  • My second question . In i18n I’ve seen that when a level or whatelse didn’t have any translation, the translation is applied immediately. But when I make changes in one level that has been translated yet, how it works? Is it possible that the status of “Specifically covered” and the title doesn’t change until the patch is confirmed?

  • For example, the Thang Type Programmaticon 1 didn’t have any translation in catalan. I translated it, but there’s has no changes immediately and the translated name doesn’t appear. And the status didn’t change neither. Why does it happen?

  • The last one. I’ve translated the achievement “Gems in the Deep Completed” but when it never save it.

Thanks all of you!

To the other questions:

  • Sometimes, when I summit changes in i18n doesn’t save anything. Then i check it and the translation doesn’t appear, but no error is shown.

Thanks you.

PD: Maybe these are bugs, I don’t know. If I have to write it to an another section, please, tell me.


If all of your solution doesn’t happen, just stick to the basics (i.e use Google translate). If it DOES NOT WORK then ask @nick, surely he’ll know.

Hi nainufar!

I also helped with some translations into Catalan from i18n. I don’t know if will help you, but my experience translating levels as “The second Kithmaze”, “Dreed door” … and some “types thang” I have seen that:

  • In Levels only seen the translation inside them but rarely loads the translation also in the world. It can also help refresh level.

  • If is checked from an anonymous user, but choosing from the beginning the language in question, reloads the content of the game and you can see how it looks.

Keep in mind that after completing a level will not change the code of the comments.

See you around!

Achievement translations are sometimes not working right now. We are tracking the bug here: – I assume something is wrong with the achievement handler permissions, but I haven’t had time to dig into it yet.

If you are translating, try translating on which doesn’t use Cloudflare caching so that you can see any updates happen faster (for auto-accepted new translations; for translations where there are any changes to existing translations, it will create a patch instead that will need to be approved).

If you want to see if the comment code updated in a level, go play the level, then hit the reload code button in the upper right to get back to the default code, which may now be translated.

Thanks for your translation help, all!

Thanks you for the comments. I’ll try to translate in

@nick and why the level Forgetful Smith or Gems in the deep is still in English even I translated all the code? (See the first image I put, not into de level. Into the level is in catalan). For example, Forgetful Smith was auto-accepted immediately, but not the title in the map).

Thanks you for your patience.

Try now; for the campaign view, there’s an additional layer of updates that only happen when the campaign gets saved.

Now it’s perfect :slight_smile: Thanks you for your work!