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Hi, I’m from Brazil and I’m trying to translate the CodeCombat to Portuguese Brazilian (pt-br).

I fork the project on github, and translate the file, and do a pull request. Travis CI tell me that everything is ok, so, when the code go to production?

How to show my name in the list of Diplomats Page ( Is accepting the CLA?

Is there other way than “” to translate the item names, level names? For example, one big list of the used words like locale files.


Jorge Klemm


Hey Jorge, thanks for adding all those translations!

The code goes to production whenever I or Imperadeiro98 merge your pull request and then later we do a production deploy. We did one last night, so those translations should be live now.

Please submit a pull request to add yourself to to get yourself added to the diplomats page:

Using the /i18n page is indeed the way to translate all the database content like level names and item details. When you submit changes to existing content, it gets submitted as a patch, and we have to accept it before it goes live (which we hope to do soon, but we don’t have a super-speedy interface for doing it yet, so sometimes it takes us a while). When you write new translations for something which has none, then it just saves directly instead of submitting a patch.

Hope this answers your questions–really appreciate your contributions!


Where is Bonus: Grab 2 gems ?


I don’t understand your question…


Do you see Goal name Bonus:Grab 2 gems ?


Should I?

I don’t see anything about grabbing all six gems either but you aren’t complaining about that Bonus not being where ever it is that you are expecting the 2 gem bonus to be.


You should.
I am missing Bonus: Grab 6 gems too.


I apologize for the misunderstanding.

I see now you want to know where it is so you can translate it. (you could have said that when you were asked to rephrase the question) Interesting question

I see it here, but I don’t know where you are looking for it.





OK, looks like you need to add “i18n” to the ones you want to translate.
(the plus under “> Collect: who, targets”, then type i18n in the box)
then you can translate right there and then submit the patch.
(or add the i18n then submit and wait for it to be applied then use the i18n editor to translate it all together.)

Again, I apologize. (I can plunder my way around in other languages besides english, but not well enough to even have looked at the translation enough to know they have a nice interface for you (I thought you did it piece by piece in the level editor.) :blush:


German version


See my previous post, which I it seems I edited between your reading it and posting this. (I tend to “fix” my post several times before I am happy with it. last time I looked at it I didn’t see this new post of yours)


All languages show the english version of the 2 gem bonus, because there is no “i18n” for that item.
The reason that “get 6” doesn’t show up is that it is a “hidden” goal. (hidden goals are either obvious (don’t die) or are “Cool, now go back and do this too (if you want)”)

edit: of edit :slight_smile:
Yes, I know most of them say you must survive, but the “don’t die” bit comes directly from the level editor.



cool did you submit the patch?

at the right end of the back bar (“house icon” Thangs Scripts Settings . . . . . “<-” “->” “(weird icon)” “play icon” “bold ‘v’ icon”)
the weird icon (looks kind of like a bed, too me) is the patch icon. click that give it a description and submit.

I know, I expected it to be under “patches” myself…

hahaha, you already did (your forum and codecombat names are different) Cool, now you wait for one of the head guys/gals to accept it.


THX for your help.

Vlevo ( cz) == LInks (en) :smile:


I’ve accepted the patch, so that i18n string should now show up in the i18n editor for Winding Trail. Sorry for missing that one!


iie mondai

(psst, links ist Deutsch , left is english) :wink:

Vlevo Drži Tašku

(my full nom de plume) Is bad joke and purposeful mistranslation of “left holding the bag.”


Problem solved.


Levels The Agrippa Defense and Drop The Flag are not in the i18n editor.


Yeah, now that one might be more of a @nick or someone else higher up (@J_F_B_M) than us . . . I don’t know if there is an easy single spot to poke to get that or if you have to add it to every single spot it is wanted. (I would guess the latter). If it is the latter then we could do it. I’m sure you have a better idea than me what is typically i18n’d. (of course that is different than finding it.) :smile: