Treasure Cave is broken

When I go to play this level… the ogre kills the yeti and coins never appear. According to the description the yeti is supposed to one shot and kill the ogre. This appears very broken, and my code seems to have no effect on the game itself being broken.

Is there anyway this could get fixed? I reloaded browser, tried different browser, etc, and the yeti never attacks the ogre and coins never spawn even if I distract the yeti with a fire trap.


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can you Please post your code with a screen shot Please.

I deleted my code, but I can take some pictures of the ogre killing the yeti with 0 code.

Here is a pic of the ogre who just killed the yeti, with 0 code. which isnt supposed to happen according to the description :stuck_out_tongue:

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with code, the yeti will get distracted but never kills the ogre. coins never appear…

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you can always use flags

Heres what happens with flags:

same outcome

try using the wait method out of the loop to wait for the ogre to get killed then set the fire trap and boom!!

I do that, but the YETI gets killed by the ogre :stuck_out_tongue: how do I make the yeti attack the ogre?

so is this a bug???

I believe so. I mean, the ogre is supposed to die

Ok lets ask for some help
@Chaboi_3000 or @Deadpool198 your help would be appreciated
Thanks :grin:

This is a bug it happened to me the yeti does not seem to attack

Hey thanks. Not sure why I’d have this bug on a level probably played a million times. But it definitely isn’t running as the description states it should.

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I have completed the level before many times and this has not happened

TY Milton you just lowered my stress level 1 million times lmao.

well you just have to wait till Chaboi or deadpool respond
or someone else

This is a real bug. @Deadpool198 has tons of experience in this matter. you can also ask @stephanie to help