Troop Commanding Slow

Just out of curiousity, is anyone experiencing super-slow performance when commanding troops?
Some of those levels are:

  • Vital Powers
  • Mixed Unit Tactics
  • Kelvintaph Defiler
  • Toil and Trouble

Let me know if you’re facing slow performance in any of these:


yes i get slow performance when i summon a troop or if i click on the screen

Yes. I’ve been assuming it’s because I’m working on a relatively old/low spec computer. The irritating one is ‘Apocalypse’, which I can’t complete at all as the action becomes so slow that even if I guess at flag placements my hero dies before the computer has time to process them. Eventually I’ll work out how to write code that predicts the missile positions without needing input, but I’m not good enough yet…


yeah me to my laptop is 5 years old