Tundra tower tournament results are out!

Well done @Venneth, a well deserved win!

gg everyone!


Congrats @Venneth :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:

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Congrats to all the winners, and thanks all for playing! Hope y’all enjoyed the tournament. See the tournament recap video here: CodeCombat AI League Tournament Winners – and let me know your ideas for improving it next season!

Congrats to @Venneth for dominating the leaderboard :wink: :wink: :+1: :+1: :+1:


Well done @Venneth, I tried implementing your strategy during the last hour of this contest but it was too buggy and I kept hitting the execution limit (which is mainly why my guards sometimes freezes).


Yeah, i ran into the execution limit problem aswell a few times, though it was before the final day and i was able to optimize as much code as i can, however it still breaks that limit sometimes, so i just hoped that before my guards break that the enemy had already lost.

And once again you came up with an innovative strategy for the guard’s pathing, well done aswell for that. I also tried implementing your strategy, it was really a high risk play since i only got like 30 minutes to fix any errors and handle the execution limit error if any occurs, but luck seems to me in my favour.


Thank you everyone for this season, it’s been quite an experience, lots of new stuff learned, new perspective of the things i already learned, got to see new names and challenges on the leaderboard, it’s been quite the season.
I don’t know if i will be attending season 5, since one of my school activities might be preventing me from doing that, however we’ll see, and if i do can, i 'll see you all in “Deset Duel” and “Sandstorm Blitz”.


Love the sportsmanship on display here–true heroes! I hadn’t heard about the execution limit issue on guard code; it’s not our intent to make that a frustrating bottleneck on your creativity. Is it something we should look to improve in future arenas? Please do share any feedback we can use to improve the competitive experience.

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For me i think the execution limit is there for a reason, well from this old post i found

It’s there to stop infinite loops and to make the simulations bound(?) (i think to make sure that each player runs only one while loop iteration per frame, so no code reacts faster than the other, basically waiting for the other player to finish the current frame’s while loop)

I have a few ideas on this:
-Increase the execution limit specifically for top matches in tournaments(don’t really recommend this)
-Show how many statements are the limit untill that error is shown, and show how many statement executions are executed for the player so far (if possible update them every frame, however if not just show how many statements the player’s code executed at the end of the match so they can optimize)

Coding sometimes is not only about figuring out the logic, but to optimize the logic so your code can complete it faster, opening up rooms for more calculations.

I think code size also might have a role in this, my tundra tower code (150-200 lines, im lazy lol) didn’t reach execution time, but struggled with it in my ace of coders code (>500 lines)

when watching the video i think shininglice had >600 lines and venneth >1000, so that’s a lot of dedication!

Not necessarily true i think, it ultimately depends on how many statements are executed
for example i put this code and this code alone on the while true loop
correction: not while true loop, but the guard’s while true loop

  for i in range(1000):

it breaks within a couple frames, since although those are just 2 lines of code(not counting the while(True)), it executes a thousand statements per frame ( 1001 if you count the condition for the while loop) , just iterating, nothing else, yet it does that