“Equinox" bugs and feedback

The AILeague Season 7 challenge arena “Equinox” is now in action!

Please report any bugs that you find or feedbacks that you have on the arena.
If you want to ask for advice on strategies or how to code something, please use another topic instead, thank you.


When I clicked equinox for some reason it said frozen fortress:

idk but it might just be on my end.

The banner artwork for the Equinox arena is still in progress, sorry for the confusion, expect it to change in the upcoming weeks.


Sorry to interrupt Venneth, I know this is out of topic, but could you send me the link of when the tournament ends for


Usually it’s the end of the month. There will be a countdown to show you the remaining time on the ladder page.

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The error says that speed is a protected property.

.distanceTo(…) function seems to be not working when running as Blue.

Fixed, thanks!
20 chars ;-;


Fixed as well, thank you!

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Are Champions supposed to be killable?

Uhh that was not supposed to happen :sweat_smile:
Fixed! Thanks.


What does this error mean?

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I have encountered similar problem when using haste and rage.

It was on the arena’s level script, fixed, thanks!


For some reason, I am still getting the error.

When battling players such as @Learned, It gives me an error: “Statement execution limit reached”

My score is going down

can their mabey be a function added that alowes you to set the targeting mode for all towers of a type so if you want all the archer towers or all the cannons to behave a certain way you can do that without having to have a loop or several lines of code

isParalyzed for my own towers seems to still be a protected property.

Edit: Actually it seems to be protected for both enemy and my own towers now. My submitted code that worked before has an error now.

Help!!! :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: