Two flowers Help needed URGENTLY! [SOLVED]

I can’t play this level because I need to equip some glasses, but all the glasses are restricted! Very stupid. I would appreciate it a lot if someone could tell me how to get past this glitch and if I can’t I can’t play CodeCombat anymore.

I guess you have to buy the glasses. And this is not a glitch

Please take a screen shot of what you’re seeing so we can help.

This is my image.

What do you mean by that @Archion?

Those glasses are restricted because the range is insufficient. You need glasses with a range of at least 20 meters. If you need to purchase glasses don’t waste your gems on a pair that are just barely enough to get by this level. Think long term and buy the longest range ones you can afford.

Thanks. That should help; I’ll try.

Thanks @MunkeyShynes! It worked.