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Unable to Load First Level


So I found this website, and so I decided to check it out. I signed up, clicked the play button, and selected my character, and chose lua for the coding type. I equipped those boot things and I clicked play. It opened up another tab and it showed a loading screen. Then, the loading screen was just stuck at around 37%. I am on a Windows 10 machine using Google Chrome. After loading screen stops i see this in java logs from chrome.

I have restarted browser and rebooted machine.


Heads up all it started to randomly work. But about 7 levels in to it i get just about the same thing. I guess I will wait it out again. There have been no changes on my side so I don’t know what is going on.


The level seems to work fine for me in Safari. Have you tried another browser like FireFox? And do you happen to have an antivirus program installed or any plugins for chrome installed?