Unholy tome III - Raise-Dead - translating problem

I have problems to translate the following of “Unholy Tome III”:

Enables Raise-Dead, which raises 100 power worth of dead units at half health for 10 seconds at random in a 20 meter range.

I understand enabling Raise-Dead increases the power af randomly deadly units for 10 seconds within a 20 meter range. I cannot connect “at half health” to other parts of the sentence.
Could it be possible, that dead units power is filled up with 100 but maximal to half of health?
Maybe I am in the wrong box!

That’s interesting. I can understand “at half of health” - unit will have only 50% of HP when being summoned - but what does mean “100 power worth of dead units”? Or should I create another topic for that question?

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I believe that it means when cast it will look in a 20 meter radius, and randomly pick a dead unit, it will revive that unit at half health (lets say it is an archer which normally has 30 health) that archer will have 15 health, and get to live until that 15 health is taken away or for 10 seconds, which ever is longer,

As the revived archer used 15 of the “100 power” the revive spell will pick the next random dead within the 20 meter radius.
Lets say the next four picked are all archers, using 15 points per archer, 5*15 = 75 points.

The next unit is a burl that normally has 500 health, it would revive it and give it 250 health, but you only have 25 points left, so (and I am guessing here…) it revives it but with only 25 health.

@Loch: I’ve got it! :blush: