Can warriors raise dead?

I really want to raise dead witches to help me. Since they can heal and they do insane damage… is there an item that can raise dead? I don’t want to be a subscriber.

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not that I have seen and also

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No, warriors can’t. Welcome to the codecombat discourse!

The only way to raise dead is to have a wizard and Unholy Tome III or Unholy Tome IV or Unholy Tome V
So no, there is no way to raise dead if you don’t have a wizard.

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no, it’s 3, 4, or 5.

Unholy Tome IV grants the ability to cast Poison Cloud. Unholy Tomb III and above grants that ability to Raise-Dead

Spellbooks, including the one that allows raise-dead are exclusive to Wizards-only.


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I’m not going to give you the usual run around since it appears @avery_witte has it covered :+1:

To answer you question like Chaboi said only the spellbooks can do that.

this user already has the answer to his question so next time could you not post on topics that are 1 year old? if you do that would be considered “reviving dead topics” and just gives everyone here a ping.