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Update docs on extra levels, inspector and debugger


Hi, I have been testing your extra levels, and I have found that they documented with outdated info, it makes quite difficult to pass a level like that. (In the emphasis on aim)

A way to explore the unit’s abilities (methods and attributes) would be fantastic, as that would make easier to know what is happening or what is wrong. This is why comparing“humans” didn’t work until I realized the print statement was calling them alies and not humans

So that object inspector and a documentation update, would be very nice (I usually rely more on the code and inspector than in the docs).

Moreover, this “inspect what is available” would allow people to do “advanced” tactics in the preliminary stages.

Regarding the debugger, in the hunter triplets, thought I did this code:

// This spell runs once per frame.
this.say("Hey, where are you!");
var enemy = this.getNearestEnemy();
if (!enemy){
    if (this.distanceTo(enemy) < this.attackRange){
    else {
        this.setAction("attack");  // Charge!

I wasn’t able to notice that the “<” might be changed for “>” to make my code work till I debugged it with chrome.

Hope this ideas are welcome and that codecombat gets even better,



Good eye on the missing docs in Emphasis on Aim. I’ll upload that fix soon. (And soon after that, we’ll be able to edit these from the level editor instead of having to deploy the code.)

I have the most amazing object inspector in mind once I can write the code for it over in the Aether project. You’ll be able to hover over any variable and see its value at any point in time. Whoa, it’s going to be sweet. Just haven’t gotten the time to build that out yet.