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Level: Hunter Triplets Difficulty


Hi! I am really new to the coding thing. I’ve started 2 days ago in my school. The levels went pretty easy, but this level is really hard. Could someone please teach me how to do it? I tried, but wen the humans move, they do not attack, even though I put the attack spell. Thanks for helping!


Hi vps! If you sent me your multiplayer link, I can jump in and see what’s going wrong.

The Hunter Triplets level is intended for someone with previous JavaScript experience, so it’s no wonder it’s a bit hard. Still, we’d like to make it easier if possible.


This is the link. Thanks!


That was fun–hope that helped! We’ll be working on better ways to explain the if/else and setAction() stuff.


Thanks for your help! I appreciate it!


I too was completely blown away by this and got ZERO help from the guide. I tried it for 45 min using different things to try and get it to work. At NO TIME were loops covered really before that and it was way too in depth with syntax the person is just not familiar with.

I am a beginner at coding and really want to learn but its very discouraging when there is no glossary of syntax on your site and even in the “spells” area when you mouse over them the if/else one gives no hope of example for proper syntax or structure. Please take this into account because I REALLY like your approach and it inspires me to learn. Thank you!


Sorry jovial1! These levels (Hunter Triplets, Zone of Danger, etc.) are in what we intend to be the “prior JavaScript experience” section as kind of demos of the game, not as part of the main learning flow (since we haven’t built up enough levels to get you there yet).


I loved this level! It does a really good job explaining the if/else statements. I just started coding and the “Big Hint” really helped!


Over 1 year old topic resurrection!

How do you find these levels nowadays? How @vps found it back then?

Nevermind, I found it. “Older campaigns” at home bottom.

P.S.: I can’t load that session.

Desert is too difficult! And world map

Loading other players’ sessions doesn’t work right now, since it’s not exposed in the new hero campaigns. But we’ll get it back once we add the feature where you can browse leaderboards of other players’ solutions once you’ve beaten the level.