Was playing code combat when I got to Munchkin Mayhem, I tried everything but the "While true" loop wouldn't work at all

I went back to the previous level to find out how I got the “While true” code for the infinite loop, which by the way was while(true) with nothing below it and it worked (BY the way the level was, Door of dread) so I went back tried to use it to defeat the ogres and guess what , I died because the code wouldn’t work :rage: but I don’t get it .I looked everywhere for the answer but all their was, was some Latino guy doing a walk through (No, offense) AND they had absolutely nothing to help me out . PLEASE!!! help me.:cry:

so what is your code
when you write your code plz format

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Hey, Bro actually passed it. sorry , Instead of using Java script I used python , And used a regular loop.:smile: