What are specifics about munchkins?

Hello! I am doing the brawl right now, and i want to fight a little smarter, more intelligent than just “attack enemy”. and what i want to do right now is figure out how far away the munchkins circle around (if they do that when you yell at them) so i can make it so that the hero yells at them only when they get too close (or whatever i want to do, cleaving maybe?) either way, i just want to know mostly anything i can learn about munchkins atm

Well for starters you can use distanceTo() but you may need more advanced glasses.
find nearest enemy
find distance using distance to of enemy
if enemy distance is less than (number):
say (what you want to say)

oh, thank you! turns out, the munckins dont circle around you when brawling! however my next tactic is going to be maximizing cleave efficiency, and the way im going to achieve that is by using the mohagany glasses like this:
find enemies
find distance to of enemies
if amount of enemys under 10m away > 3 or so (btw i figured out thats cleave range)

although, i still want to know specifics about munchkins, maybe the coding could specify some specifics if we have access to that stuff (i can tell the coding changes between levels so specify that whoevers awnsering)

Enemies in general you can access their Health and MaxHealth if you have the right gear.

derp, now i feel slightly like an idiot, either way thank you, i wouldnt have figured it out otherwise