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What are the requirements for moderator

I was wondering how the Discourse chooses moderators. What are the requirements because there are some people that were active for days.

There’s no actual requirements yet.

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Leaders are almost moderators I think.

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You can be a mod without being a leader. A leader can’t suspended/mute, handle flags, Get access to some user settings, and view moderation history(suspensions, mutes, and etc).

You think there is? 20


There aren’t any requirements yet. I think there should be.

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Here are some ideas(I am not favoring myself):

  1. Haven’t been suspended or muted

  2. Been here for at least 1 year

  3. Must be at least 13 or more

  4. Must have been here for at least 100 days

  5. Casted at least 5 approved flags

  6. You have to be active

If you meet all of these requirements you staff might promote you.


LOL then I will not be a mod ever


The point is, that you have to meet all these requirements which makes it hard to get. This makes it so there aren’t any random people being a mod.


I think you should only get manually promoted to moderator. Currently I think that only some staff is Moderator, but I think maybe Deadpool might become a mod soon. Who knows :man_shrugging:

I added this to clear it up.

I want to see what you think

Is my way a good way to promote mods
  • yes
  • no

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No. Leader is TL 4, and mod is something on top of that, so if you become a mod you will also be a leader. (Chaboi is an example. He’s a mod and his TL badge is “Leader”.)

This is just because they are members of CoCo or Discourse staff, so they automatically get to be moderators. MunkeyShynes was the main moderator for quite a long time, and he wasn’t actually a CoCo staff member (as in, he wasn’t getting paid and wasn’t employed by them, he was just very helpful). Now it’s Chaboi.


I was thinking about something similar with TL4. I know it’s chosen manually, but are there any requirements? some I was thinking of are:

  • age; like 13 or 18
  • finishing the coco campaign
  • been on the discourse for an amount of time; like a year.

Some things like that. Are there any requirements that you have to pass, even if you don’t get TL4 by doing them?


Sorry to vote no, but I really think mods should be reserved for staff only

What I meant is that there are people that are mods that don’t have a Leader Badge.

No. I saw that some mods, even who visited 0 days have Leader badge.


That is because if they needed to do stuff here they would have to have special permissions.

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I don’t prefer requirements because people would just brute-force their way into meeting those specifications and then spam DM me asking to get promoted. It’s easier to just promote people based on how “helpful” they’ve been on the forums. Moderator has a lot of permissions which require tons of trust.


I understand. I can defiantly see how being helpful is better than a bunch of requirements.