[Idea]Election system of leaders

So in the welcome topic of @Chaboi_3000, it is mentioned that leaders can be promoted through the election system in the future.I have an idea.When someone want to make himself a new leader, he can create a poll, in which people can vote either they want him or not.When he gets the required amount of votes, he gets promoted.If he gets minus votes, on some number the poll gets closed.So this is the idea.


1 problem, people that are inexperience and have gotten suspended or something, people might not know of this past and new people will elect people that aren’t very good.

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Well, it might be possible to make the poll only among users not lower regular level

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No there is a way. Maybe a mod will get a request from a person and the mod will decide if that person has a good past on the forum and is an example. Then, they will put out a vote and see what people think. In the end, a moderator ratifies the results and they promote them.

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That way it will be hard to be a Leader, but we can make sure it is a good person.

Which way do we elect leaders
  • My way
  • Other(share your idea

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I’m not sure, though if the admins will look at those ideas

i think mods should pick eligible leaders, and pick the most voted for in the end, however, due to issues with plurality, yes i know politics and economy, maybe the least voted for could be eliminated round wise, so that the issue doesn’t come up. Also maybe pick leaders live which could be kinda cool

Well CoCo doesn’t own discourse another company does so maybe recomend it to them.

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Yes, but @Chaboi_3000 wrote they can do that themselves

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Did he? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: where?

In the welcome topic.

  • Manual promotion by staff only
  • (Possibly via a to-be-developed election system in the future)
    this is what he said. not they can do it by them selves(but correct me if im wrong)

Yes, but he did not say they can’t do that

And, anyway, mine and @milton.jinich 's ideas can work even without changing the system

mine too, but its hard to get the community to be a team and not mess up my way. As for my last sugestion, never gonna happen probably.

There may also have the problem of people creating several alts to vote for themself.


what do you mean by alts?

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If someone created a poll to become a leader, the same person who created the pole could create many fake accounts just so they can vote for themself to become leader.


Well, that’s not that easy.To make several fake accounts that person will need different mails, which is not possible