What are the Shamans in Kelvintaph Defiler Called?

I’m trying to refine my code in this level, and I can’t figure out what these guys are called. I used this code to see if it was a shaman:

let shamans = hero.findByType("shaman");
//returns "0"

Does anyone know what this ritualistic enemy is?

The ritualistic enemies are warlocks. There should also be shamans in that level, so I do not know why your hero did not detect them. If you tap on an enemy in the simulation, its type should appear after its name.

Here’s their type


Warlocks are basically a stronger version of "shaman", and they have 240 hp instead of 60. They also have a 4x growth power and more spells like "summon-undead".

Okay, I understand the part about the warlocks, the shamans are the problem. I clicked on them, and it says shaman, just like @Learned said it should, but when I try to identify them, the code doesn’t work. The guys I’m talking about are the guys who are casting "fling", "antigravity", and "fear" in this level.

Yeah, those are warlocks, not shamans.

Also the first letters of a type shouldn’t be capitalized

I figured out what the problem was. The glasses with sees through walls: true is disabled on this level, and none of the units have the capability findByType. Since there is a wall between me and the shamans, I can’t “see” them.

Out of curiosity, though, what is that interface you’re on? It doesn’t quite look like CodeCombat, but the same layout as the level.

it is the codecombat level editor you can search it up.

It’s the CodeCombat Level Editor, made for editing levels like this one.

All levels are made from the editor

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